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Dr. Olivia is a holistic physician trained in chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With her unique approach that blends scientific and spiritual methods, she assists patients who have exhausted other options, facilitating transformative changes in both their emotional well-being and physical health. Dr. Olivia provides a comprehensive patient evaluation and treatment, drawing upon her extensive knowledge of functional medicine, natural healthcare techniques, and a psychosomatic approach. She offers in-person and virtual consultations to address structural, chemical, and emotional issues, aiming to identify and address the root causes of her patients’ health concerns. Dr. Olivia firmly believes that genuine healing involves a profound transformation where individuals no longer identify with their symptoms or diseases.


But not limited to

Techniques Utilized

I use a combination of these techniques to help get to the root cause of your symptoms

Functional Medicine/ Nutrition

Chiropractic Medicine

Acupuncture/ TCM diagnosis

Wholistic Methylation

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

CPK/Biosystems Integration (BSI)

Quantum Neurology (QN)

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)



My Mission

Dr. Olivia holds the belief that optimal health and vitality are inherent rights bestowed upon every individual. She also recognizes that achieving a truly fulfilling and aligned life begins with attaining good health. In today’s world, people often feel disconnected from nature, their bodies, and their innate wisdom. Driven by her passion, Dr. Olivia is dedicated to guiding individuals in reconnecting with themselves and achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

To further enhance her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Olivia combines her passion for holistic health with her love for travel. She explores various countries worldwide to gain insights into ancient and alternative healing techniques, incorporating the wisdom she acquires from healers across cultures into her practice. For a deeper understanding of her experiences, feel free to explore her YouTube Channel.


Holistic Evaluation


As a Chiropractor my approach involves examining the body's alignment to identify any factors that may impede its natural healing process. The structural aspect of healing focuses on assessing the condition of joints, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and muscles. Frequently, structural dysfunction can either be the root cause or a consequence of a more significant issue. By conducting a structural evaluation, I gain insights into the body, as each muscle is associated with a corresponding organ.


Functional medicine serves as the lens through which I examine all chemical imbalances. It is crucial to consider what substances are present in the body that should not be there, such as toxins, as well as what essential elements may be lacking, such as nutritional deficiencies. Functional medicine facilitates the identification of the underlying causes of biochemical imbalances, which can then be treated naturally.


Emotional well-being is often a disregarded aspect for many individuals. Emotions are essentially neuropeptides in the body, and each emotion triggers a biochemical response that affects every system. These emotions are stored within the body since our bodies possess the capability to chemically memorize them. Stored emotions contribute to the development of various chronic health issues, emphasizing the need to address them in order to achieve comprehensive healing.

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