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Dr. Olivia is a holistic physician trained in chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With her unique approach that blends scientific and spiritual methods, she assists patients who have exhausted other options, facilitating transformative changes in both their emotional well-being and physical health. Dr. Olivia provides a comprehensive patient evaluation and treatment, drawing upon her extensive knowledge of functional medicine, natural healthcare techniques, and a psychosomatic approach. She offers in-person and virtual consultations to address structural, chemical, and emotional issues, aiming to identify and address the root causes of her patients’ health concerns. Dr. Olivia firmly believes that genuine healing involves a profound transformation where individuals no longer identify with their symptoms or diseases.

My Story

Early Childhood

My journey in “alternative” medicine started before I was born. My mother had hormonal issues growing up and didn’t get her first period until she was 21. She was recommended to a holistic doctor in the Chicagoland area, and after a couple of treatments and a complete diet and lifestyle change, she healed her hormones. In fact, she healed them so effectively that she accidentally got pregnant—with me. I owe my existence to the powerful healing effects of this medicine. As the oldest child, my parents took me to a holistic doctor, but they still felt the need to “do the right thing” as parents, so I received some vaccines in my first year. In the following years, I developed severe food allergies, and I would get dangerously sick. I even had childhood pneumonia, which landed me in the hospital twice. Despite these health challenges, I was fortunate to receive support and the necessary care, allowing me to grow up as a happy, intelligent, and vibrant child. In contrast, my three younger siblings didn’t receive any childhood vaccines and grew up perfectly healthy. Whenever I got sick as a child, instead of resorting to rounds of antibiotics, my doctor would provide me with homeopathic remedies, immune-boosting supplements, and allow my high fever to aid in the healing process.

Teenage Years

Through out my life, I’ve faced various other health issues such as hormonal imbalances like PCOS, dysmenorrhea, and PMS issues, which I inherited from my mother, along with digestive issues, food sensitivities, celiac disease, body dysmorphia, and bulimia. Despite these challenges, I have always had the unwavering support of my holistic doctor and never feared being unable to seek help.

Through techniques such as muscle testing, homeopathy, chiropractic adjustments, and emotional work, among others, I would leave each appointment feeling like a new person. At the time, I referred to my doctor as my “voodoo” doctor because I didn’t fully comprehend his techniques, and they seemed like magic to me. In my late teens and early twenties, every time I left his office, I would sit in my car and cry tears of joy because of my deep love for this type of medicine and my undeniable calling to pursue it. Whenever I encountered people suffering from health issues, I would always refer them to my doctor, knowing that he could help—and he always did.

Early Twenties

In my early twenties, the calling to become a doctor became so intense that I made the decision to drop out of UW-Madison, move back home, and enroll at the National University of Health Sciences to complete my undergraduate degree. I was fortunate to be accepted into an accelerated scholars program, which allowed me to start my graduate chiropractic program a year early. Moreover, every science class I excelled in fulfilled my undergraduate credit requirements. During my time at National, I experienced severe hormonal issues due to the stress of school and other emotional traumas. At the time, I was bleeding 2-3 times a month or missing my period for months on end, accompanied by the worst PMS symptoms I had ever experienced. Desperate for relief, I decided to try acupuncture at the student clinic, and to my amazement, within a few treatments, my cycle became regular again.

Witnessing such remarkable results, I knew I had to learn this type of medicine to help my future patients. Consequently, I enrolled in the Traditional Chinese Medicine program at NUHS, becoming a dual-enrolled student. For the next four years, I attended chiropractic classes in the morning and acupuncture classes at night. In addition to earning two degrees, I dedicated hundreds of hours to seminars, immersing myself in various techniques I had been exposed to while growing up.


The techniques I currently employ enable me to evaluate the body in an incredibly specific way. Unlike a typical doctor’s approach that relies on educated guesswork, my techniques eliminate the guesswork and allow me to precisely identify what is happening in the body and address its root cause. I adopt a “less is more” approach by prioritizing treatments based on the body’s needs, and by addressing the root cause, the downstream symptoms naturally dissipate. Throughout my own health journey, I have come to appreciate the importance of addressing the emotional component behind physical symptoms. This realization has completely transformed how I practice, as I firmly believe that emotions often serve as the root cause of all issues, and unless they are addressed, complete resolution of symptoms cannot be achieved.

This work is not just my passion or purpose; it brings me absolute pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or simply to connect.

All my love – Dr. Olivia Grace

My Mission

Dr. Olivia holds the belief that optimal health and vitality are inherent rights bestowed upon every individual. She also recognizes that achieving a truly fulfilling and aligned life begins with attaining good health. In today’s world, people often feel disconnected from nature, their bodies, and their innate wisdom. Driven by her passion, Dr. Olivia is dedicated to guiding individuals in reconnecting with themselves and achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

To further enhance her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Olivia combines her passion for holistic health with her love for travel. She explores various countries worldwide to gain insights into ancient and alternative healing techniques, incorporating the wisdom she acquires from healers across cultures into her practice. For a deeper understanding of her experiences, feel free to explore her YouTube Channel.

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